Libby/Colours Puppies' Pedigree
Puppies2000.JPG (32543 bytes)
Created by Pedigree Magik
for Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay / Bondir (Reg'd) English Springer Spaniels.

Click on a picture to see a larger view of the dog in a new window.  Any of the underlined dog names will open that dog's pedigree in a new window.

                                Ch. Coventree's Allegro
                        Ch. Gentry's Remington Steele
                                Ch. Gentry's Caprice CD. WD.
                Hillcrest Just Because CD. JH.
                                Ch. Hillcrest Firewind Woodsman CD.
                        Hillcrest Why Not CD.
                                Hillcrest Soubrette WD.
        Ch. Hillcrest Namtn Ko Cr Colours UD. TDX. AX. AXJ. MH. RA.Colours.jpg (47421 bytes)
                                SH. CH. Calvdale Campanologist
                        SH. CH. Skilleigh Tan Sandy
                                Skilleigh Brigadonna Tanzy
                Calvdale Capriati
                                Bowswood Bay Brigadier
                        Calvdale Chiming
                                Calvdale Cathedral Belle
Colours X Libby Puppies
                                Ch. Telltale AuthorAuthor.JPG (21667 bytes)
                        A/CCh. Donahan's Mark Twain CD.Mark.JPG (10796 bytes)
                                Ch. Donahan's Vanna Brook
                A/CCh. Devonshire's Music Man CCDX.Harold.JPG (37720 bytes)
                                Ch. Telltale Royal StuartRoyalStuart.JPG (7087 bytes)
                        Donahan's Libretto
                                A/CCh. Donahan's Agatha Christie
        CCh. Bondir's et Tessera Deliberer A/C. CD. SHD. AGI. NA. NAJ. NAC. NJC. TT.Libby.JPG (14088 bytes)
                                Ch. Telltale Royal StuartRoyalStuart.JPG (7087 bytes)
                        CCh. Tasmara's Moving Target
                                CCh. Northgate's Tasmara Sarah LeaSarah.JPG (17406 bytes)
                CCh. Tessera's Fun and Fancy Free C. CDX. AGN. SHDCH.Fancy.JPG (26978 bytes)
                                CCh. Tasmara's Editor's Choice
                        CCh. Tasmara's Halo Dolly
                                CCh. Darley's Cotton JennyCotton.JPG (21252 bytes)

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Copyright   2004-2008 Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay, Bondir English Springer Spaniels.
Last revised: February 06, 2008.