"Cotton's" PedigreeCotton.JPG (21252 bytes)
Ch Darley's Cotton Jenny 
(Bonny's grandmother; Libby's great-grandmother)
Created by Pedigree Magik
for Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay / Bondir (Reg'd) English Springer Spaniels.

Click on a picture to see a larger view of the dog in a new window.  Any of the underlined dog names will open that dog's pedigree in a new window.

                                Ch. Inchidony Prince Charming
                        Ch. Salilyn's Aristocrat
                                Ch. Salilyn's Lily of the Valley
                Ch. Welcome Great Day
                                A/CCh. Gay Beauties Academy Award
                        Ch. Salilyn's Bristol Cream CDX.
                                Ch. Salilyn's Good Omen
        Ch. Welcome Lleda's Delegate
                                Ch. Charlyle's Fair Warning
                        Ch. Beryltown Virginian of Pequa
                                Ch. Beryltown Lively Rocket CD.
                Ch. Clancy's Erin of Packanack
                                Ch. Scotch Mist of Pequa
                        Clancy's Copper Penny of Lleda
                                Ch. Daphne of Recess
CCh. Darley's Cotton Jenny
                                ENG. CH. Teesview Titus
                        ENG. CH. Teesview Tarmac
                                Cleavehill Cilla
                ENG. SH. CH. Cleavehill Yankee Clipper
                                ENG. SH. CH. Cleavehill Dandini
                        Cleavehill Mary Poppins
                                ENG. SH. CH. Bella Bee of Kennersleigh
        Cleavehill Shot Silk
                                ENG. SH. CH. Cleavehill Brigadier
                        Cleavehill Acorn
                                Cleavehill Bumble Bee
                ENG. SH. CH. Teesview Talkin Tarn
                                ENG. CH. Teesview Titus
                        Teesview Talk of the Town
                                ENG. SH. CH. Teesview Tarama

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