Reports 2000-2001

2001 Events:


Sunday August 19th 2001, WRESSAA held our annual picnic and Pet-Athalon at Rebecca & Rich Fergusons’ new house. They have moved from the forests of Redwood Meadows to the foothills near DeWinton. It was the perfect place to have our event — there was a front and back fenced lawn area with lots of trees to run dogs or play games. While we waited for people to arrive the Fergusons were busy giving tours. Some neighbours’ horses added to the sights – some of us even hiked to the far end of the property to see the mare and foals. Well worth the trip.

The day started with a delicious pot-luck lunch of chicken, salads, rolls, cold drinks and deserts, that were of course low calorie (yeah, right). While most were visiting/sight seeing after lunch, Mary Ann, Barb & Dodie started to set up the games. This year’s participants included:

Rebecca & Caitlin Ferguson with Baxter

Rich Ferguson with Maggie

Ryan Ferguson with Indigo

Barb Dorsay with Minnie

Anne Dorsay with Libby

Lynn Dorsay with Cally

Stephen Dorsay with Gigi

Lynn Marie Dorsay with Oliver

Dodie Hall with Shanoa

Doug Hall with Fancy

Stu Gilmour with Amber

Barb Hilchie with Buddy & Sophie

Mary Ann Dalton with Winnie

And guest Mark Doucet with Webster.

Also in attendance but with out dogs were Hilda and Richard Dorsay; Cathy Barlow; Geoff Kittridge; Gloria Dalton and guest Kathy Ronalds. A pretty good turn out!

We got the dogs warmed up with the fastest recall. The dogs are really speedy and know what to do (those obedience classes paid off here). The winners in the 50 foot dash were:

First. Cally in 2.36 seconds

Second. Winnie, 2.78 seconds

Third. Maggie, 2.8 seconds

Fourth. Amber, 2.89 seconds

Fifth. Libby, 2.95 seconds

Drop on recall was next. You had to drop the dog closest to the mark. It was obvious that a little more work is needed on this exercise. Of the 6 dogs that entered, only 3 dropped and some were right at their owner’s feet. The winners were:

First. Buddy

Second. Fancy

Third. Libby.

Next, we moved onto Musical Mats played like Musical Chairs from your childhood. Apparently, Stu had never played it before as he was heard to remark after getting knocked out in the first round “I didn’t know you could run across the circle to get to a mat.” It was every man, woman and dog for themselves. It came down to Lynn & Cally against Mark and Webster with Cally being the eventual winner. Some complained about the music selection “Garth Brooks Greatest Hits”, but hey we were in the country – somehow pop or rock didn’t seem appropriate.

The next game of Moving Day was made for the Fergusons since they had just moved. Alas, the real move proved to be easier! There was a pile of stuff at the one end with a grooming table (car) at the other. The object was to get as much stuff from the house to the car without letting the dog or you step off the imaginary sidewalk to be “killed” by an on-coming car. It was entertaining to see the ways that people dealt with the problem presented to them. Some tried to carry it all – Stu looked like a super hero with the cape flowing behind while Dough looked very fashionable in his straw sun hat with flowered ribbon. Seems no one would let the dogs walk on four legs – they all had the fron end lifted with the leash so that they only had to worry about 2 feet. The winners were:

First. Anne with Libby

Second. Dodie with Shanoa

Third. Lynn with Cally.

Stephen had the idea that if you brought back less items in a shorter time it was better than trying to get everything. The trend caught on and the last 2 placers brought 19 and 18 things respectively.

Fourth. Doug with Fancy

Fifth. Stephen with Gigi

We only “lost” 4 dogs this year – Minnie, Amber, Buddy and Baxter, so that was an improvement on previous performances. Most creative game and a lot of fun to watch.

The perennial favourite was fishing for hot dogs. The dogs all had a great time in the water – some were a little more hesitant than others, however, and didn’t get a treat. Shanoa sccoped them all up in record time for first, Buddy was a close second, third was Fancy, Webster was fourth and Winnie fifth. Recap of winners:

First. Shanoa

Second. Buddy

Third. Fancy

Fourth. Webster

Fifth. Winnie

What a great way to cool off!

Hat trick was another game that the dogs especially enjoyed because it involved food. You know what food hound Springers can be. As a matter of fact, it was too hard to really judge this game fairly because so many dogs just inhaled the treat. What they were to do was to find the treat under the margarine tub with the other tubs with no treats. We think that the winners were:

First. Libby

Second. Amber

Third. Minnie

Fourth. Fancy

Fifth. Shanoa

But, we’re not 100% sure.

The last event before packing up to head home was weave poles for adult/experienced dogs and weave poles spaced further apart for the puppies or dogs with no training. It was a tie for first in the Novice category between Amber and Sophie, a Springer impersonator (Barb Hilchie’s new American Cocker Spaniel puppy), second went to Oliver, 3rd Webster, 4th Gigi & 5th Maggie. Recap:

First. Amber

First. Sophie

Second. Oliver

Third. Webster

Fourth. Gigi

Fifth. Maggie

In the more experienced category, the winners were:

First. Buddy

Second. Fancy

Third. Minnie

Fourth. Cally

Fifth. Shanoa

It was a wonderful day – the sun shone, but not too hotly. Fun was had by all. Thanks to the Fergusons for their hospitality!! Hopefully, we can do it all again next year.

-- by Mary Ann Dalton
Reprinted with permission from THE SPRINGER TIMES, Summer 2001
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On June 20, 2001, members of WRESSAA and a few guests gathered in the back yard of new member Stu Gilmour’s house for the annual Club barbeque. Members provided the outstanding food and drinks. Stu manned the barbeque to help prepare the hamburgers and hotdogs & other Club members pitched in to help set out the rest of the meal. A big thank-you to all the participants and to Stu for the use of his back-yard.

After dinner, we proceeded with a well attended General meeting — food always seems to help increase the numbers! Hope to see some of you at our next barbeque.

— Anne Dorsay
Reprinted with permission from THE SPRINGER TIMES, Summer 2001
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2000 Events:


On Monday August 7, 2000, WRESSAA conducted a very successful blood clinic for English Springer Spaniels in conjunction with the DNA Bank being established by the ESSFTA Foundation at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri. Twenty-five dogs participated in the clinic at the show and 18 Springers were completed later. Cathy Barlow and Trish Knowler capably handled the collection and the Dorsays arranged shipment of the blood. The costs of shipping and supplies was covered by WRESSAA.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants and the volunteers. It was greatly appreciated! Just a reminder for those who did not include pedigrees with their initial forms, please ensure that pedigrees for all collected dogs are sent to:

Dr. Gary Johnson -- English Springer Spaniel DNA Research
209 A Connaway Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

-- reprinted with permission from THE SPRINGER TIMES, FALL 2000


On Wednesday June 14th 2000, Club members and some guests joined together at the Dorsays’ house for the General meeting and end of season barbeque. Wouldn’t you know it – the date fell on one of those very rainy June days? The Dorsays’ awning kept the patio dry & warmer, but did limit the barbeque to a much tighter space than normal. Barb Dorsay did a great job of manning the hamburgers and hot-dogs and we all managed to squeeze under the awning. The food helped to warm us all up and to create a relaxed atmosphere. We all moved indoors to enjoy dessert (and some warmth) and to begin the General meeting. It amazes me how well these impromptu potluck dinners always seem to work. Although the weather was uncooperative, everyone enjoyed themselves.

After WRESSAA’s Specialty Show & Trial on Friday August 4, 2000, most of the exhibitors and many Club members gathered in the Hospitality/Grooming Tent for the After-Show Party. Members helped clear the area to allow tables to be placed for the buffet spread and Barb Dorsay was able to arrange with the Alberta Kennel Club to supply chairs for most involved. Food was supplied by generous Club members & there was plenty to feed everyone. Entertainment was provided by the presentation of the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada’s Annual Awards. The party proved to be a great way to unwind after a busy day and ensured that everyone involved was well fed. Leftovers from the party helped to provide refreshments for hospitality for the rest of the weekend. With the success of this event, maybe it’s something to consider for future shows. Thanks to all who attended and who helped to provide the great food!

— Anne Dorsay
Reprinted with permission from THE SPRINGER TIMES, Fall 2000
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The weekend of August 4th to 7th, 2000 the Wild Rose English Springer Spaniel Association of Alberta (WRESSAA) hosted the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada National Specialty Show & Trial held in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club Show in Calgary Alberta. There’s a reason that they call it the “Wild West” and many of the exhibitors learned why! There were dramatic changes in the weather from torrential rains to hot sun and beautiful Alberta skies. Hospitality preparations were made so the exhibitors from across Canada and parts of the United States could concentrate on what they do best – show off their dogs! The survival kits and spritzer bottles provided in the hospitality bags definitely came in handy. The hospitality tent was well used for benching, socializing, eating, WRESSAA’s After Show Party, presentation of the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada’s (ESSCC) Annual Awards for 1998 & 1999 and the Annual General Meeting.

The weekend began on Friday with the WRESSAA Specialty Show & Trial. With true ESS spirit, it kicked off with our trusty spaniels working obedience in rain and thunder. Both exhibitors and dogs worked well as a team and to everyone’s delight the scores reflected it! High in Trial was awarded by judge Marlene Jurykovsky to OTCH Tessera’s Sumbuddy Luvs Me SHDCH (owner handled by Barb Hilchie). As the skies cleared, the sun came out for conformation. Judge Richard Beauchamp awarded Best of Breed to the Winner’s Dog Ramblewood Midnight Rider (owners Linda Riedel & Theresa Miller). Best of Opposite Sex was won by Ch Gleneire’s Breezing Along (owner Bertie Nielson). Winner’s Bitch was Ramblewood Tapestry (owner Linda Riedel & Theresa Miller) & Awards of Merit were given to Ch Aldwyn’s Poet Laureate (owners Kelly Priestley & Wendy Poole) and Ch Gleneire’s CEO Reflection (owners Sheila McClure & Bertie Nielson). Best Veteran Dog & Best Stud Dog was won by Ch Tasmara’s Spotlights On Me (owner John Barlow). Best Veteran Bitch was Ch Deckhand’s Gone Fishin (owner Lorry Neale) & Best Brood Bitch was Beswin Some Like It Hot (owners Ron & Gail Chapman & Wendy Bessemer). Best Brace was awarded to Ch Gleneire’s CEO Reflection & Ch Gleneire’s Radar (owners Sheila McClure & Bertie Nielson). Best Altered in Breed was won by Synergenic’s Klassical Jazz CDX (owners Gloria & Mary Ann Dalton). The day concluded with most exhibitors unwinding at the After-Show Dinner in the benching tent hosted by WRESSAA & its members.

The ESSCC National Sweeps on Saturday, judged by local Sporting Dog breeder Jim Stomp, began under a hot Alberta sky. The winners were: Best in Puppy Sweepstakes Barcath Sugar Foot Stomp (owner Cathy Barlow); Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweepstakes Ramblewood Midnight Rider (owners Linda Riedel & Theresa Miller); Best in Veteran Sweepstakes Ch Beswin Penny For Your Thoughts TD (owner Wendy Bessemer); Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweepstakes Ch Tasmara’s Spotlights on Me (owner John Barlow). With a sizable entry (60 dogs), the afternoon continued under judge Douglas Shipley. It was exciting to see so many different ESS’s out in their element. An outdoor show lets you see how they really move and the dogs are definitely more in tune with their surroundings. The rain held off and the skies cleared for the winners. Winner’s Dog & Best of Winners was Ramblewood Midnight Rider (owners Linda Riedel & Theresa Miller); Winner’s Bitch was KND Ramblewood After Midnight CD (owners Judyann & Tiffany Hawks & Linda Riedel). Best of Breed was awarded to Ch Synergenic Mipal Peter Pan (breeder/owner handled by Gordon Peterson). Best of Opposite Sex was won by Ch Gleneire’s Georgie Girl (owner Bertie Nielson). Awards of Merit were given to Ch Aldwyn’s Poet Laureate (owners Kelly Priestley & Wendy Poole) and Ch Cascadian Caliner de Bondir CD (owners Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay). Best Veteran Dog & Best Stud Dog was Ch Gleneire’s CEO (owner Bertie Nielson). Best Veteran Bitch was Ch Beswin Penny For Your Thoughts TD (owner Wendy Bessemer) and her daughter Beswin Some Like It Hot (owners Ron & Gail Chapman & Wendy Bessemer) was Best Brood Bitch. Best Brace went to Ch Gleneire’s Radar & Ch Gleneire’s CEO Reflection (owners Sheila McClure & Bertie Nielson). Best Altered in Breed was won by Synergenic’s Klassical Jazz CDX (owners Gloria & Mary Ann Dalton) and Best of Opposite Sex Altered in Breed went to Tricaliber N Tri-Ste Envious (owner Sue Wanner).

Weather again played an important role in the ESSCC Trial. Marlene Jurykovsky returned and replaced her Friday rain coat with a Sunday hat. Part way through the competition, the hat went with the wind – as did a clip board and many of the exhibitor’s tents. People bustled around to prepare for a major storm, but the dogs gamely continued with their exercises. High in Trial was won by Misko’s Kaska CD, TDX handled by owner Norma Schaffer.

After the breed booster on Monday under beautiful blue skies, WRESSAA conducted a blood draw clinic in conjunction with the University of Missouri for the DNA Bank and epilepsy research organized by the ESSFTA Foundation. It was great to have the support of so many owners. Twenty-five dogs were done at the Show & 18 dogs were done later. A big thank-you to everyone who participated!

It was great to see a good turnout and are looking forward to next year’s Nationals to be held in Halifax the Labour Day weekend. Happy Showing.

By WRESSAA & ESSCC Show Committee
Reprinted with permission from THE SPRINGER TIMES, Fall 2000

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