(whelped: May 8, 1993)
Amy relaxes

FAVOURITE TOY Tennis ball or someone's slipper
FAVOURITE SNACK Milkbones and raw carrots
FAVOURITE PEOPLE FOOD just about anything
FAVOURITE SLEEPING SPOT a bed: Ken's & Pat's or Geoff's
FAVOURITE GAME grabbing & taking off her snood
FAVOURITE ANIMAL the neighbour's rottweiler
TRICKS sings with Geoff
DISLIKES Boris -- a red tabby cat
FAVOURITE PEOPLE just about everyone, but especially Pat
OTHER BEHAVIOUR still loves to smell the flowers even after being
stung twice
AFRAID OF going to the vets
OTHER ANIMALS IN THE HOUSE 2 cats -- Picasso & Boris
3 Springers -- Vinnie, Tammy & Susie
OWNERS Ken, Pat & Geoff Kittridge

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