(whelped: July 27, 1995)
Minnie jumps in agility

FAVOURITE TOY Tennis Ball & "baby", her stuffed tiger
FAVOURITE SNACK Biscuits, especially the ones Baxter doesn't eat fast enough!
FAVOURITE SLEEPING SPOT A big comfy chair with pillows
FAVOURITE GAME Fetching anything & "tough puppy"
 - a game where she races full blast around the coffee table & barks at Baxter to entice him to try to catch her.
TRICKS "Dances" on her hind legs & pushes open her kennel from the outside.
DISLIKES the nail grinder!
FAVOURITE PEOPLE Rebecca, Caitlin, Ryan & especially Rich because he spoils her rotten!
OTHER BEHAVIOUR Uses her paws to communicate, she stands guard over Baxter as he finishes his meal & snitches loose kibble, she absolutely LOVES agility!
AFRAID OF Losing the race up the stairs (she always wins!)
OTHER ANIMALS IN THE HOUSE Baxter & Indigo, both Springers
OWNER Rich & Rebecca Ferguson

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