WRESSAA's 8th Specialty Show
& Licensed Obedience Trial

Saturday October 19, 2002 & Sunday October 20, 2002

Edmonton Alberta Canada

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WRESSAA is pleased to be holding our 8th Specialty Show & Licensed Obedience Trial in conjunction with the Northern Alberta Canine Association Shows (NACA) in Edmonton Alberta (3 All Breed Shows & 4 Licensed Obedience Trials).  This is an indoor show.


** Judging Schedule for WRESSAA Specialty ** (NEW)
Judging Schedule for NACA Shows & NACA Trials (NEW)
Friday October 18, 2002
Northern Alberta Canine Association (NACA) All Breed Conformation Show
Saturday October 19, 2002
WRESSAA Specialty Show
NACA All Breed Show & 2 Licensed Obedience Trials
Sunday October 20, 2002
WRESSAA Licensed Obedience Trial (includes Unofficial classes of Brace, Veteran & Team)
NACA All Breed Show & 2 Licensed Obedience Trials
Junior Handling (at the All Breed Show)

Please stay tuned for more details! (Back)


WRESSAA Specialty Show: Rick Chashoudian (Louisiana, USA).
WRESSAA Licensed Obedience Trial: Wayne Hamilton (British Columbia, Canada). (Back)


Stay tuned for details. (Back)


To make a trophy fund donation to either or both shows, please contact Anne & Barb Dorsay, the Trophy Chairs.  (Back)


WRESSAA will be producing a 8 1/2" X 11" catalogue. Don't miss out on this keepsake.
All copy to be photocopy ready.  Advertising costs: 
$15 1/2 page
$5 Breeder's Registry
Catalogues available on a pre-order basis. (Back)


Ribbons:  Mary Ann Dalton
Grounds:  Barb Dorsay
Trophies:  Anne & Barb Dorsay.  (Back)


This is an indoor show. If electricity is required, it will be available from Show Tech during set-up for NACA.  To make arrangements for electrical installation & payment, contact them at 780-471-4818 or by fax at 780-424-4715. (Back)

Premium List:

*Available now*
WRESSAA 2002 Premium List
WRESSAA 2002 Entry Forms
If you would like to request a hard copy, please contact the Show Chairman Lynn Dorsay or NACA's Show Secretary Kathy Hawker.

For a premium list for the NACA Shows please visit their web site at http://www.sureshot.ca/naca.html. Look for more information in coming weeks!

Schedule || Judges || Hospitality || Trophies || Advertising || Committees ||  Benching || Premium List


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