Libby/Colours Puppies Stacked @ 8 1/2 weeks

The following pictures are side & front views of the puppies taken at 8 1/2 weeks of age. Please click on a picture to see a larger view.

A/C Ch Bondir's Fasciner Ambre PCD
L/W Female
Amber Amberfront.JPG (11921 bytes)
Mac, (was Russet)
Bondir's Winter Apple
L/W Male
Russet Russetfront.JPG (14082 bytes)
Bondir's Carbon Copy
L/W Male
Copper Copperfront.JPG (12217 bytes)
Emma, (was Sienna)
Ch Bondir's d'Or Aime de Tous
L/W Female
Sienna Siennafront.JPG (12189 bytes)
Oliver, (was Charcoal)
Bondir's Agile Connection
B/W Male
Charcoal Charcoalfront.JPG (10611 bytes)
Ch Bondir's Indigo Inc
B/W Male
Indigo Indigofront.JPG (12021 bytes)
Webster, (was Sable)
Ch Bondir's A to Z Lexicographer PCD
B/W Male
Sable Sablefront.JPG (10403 bytes)

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