5-7 Weeks Old

The puppies are pictured below in candid shots from five weeks to seven weeks of age.  All of the puppies are named in honour of our "Queen" Victoria & are named after "A" names of Queen Victoria's children.

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Birth Order,
Puppy Name

5 - 6 Weeks

5 - 6 Weeks 6 - 7 Weeks
Puppy # 1,
B/W female,

Adelaide checks out the family room

Adelaide poses with the favourite ring toy

Adelaide plays with toy, but the tag is the best part!

Puppy #2,
B/W male,
Alfred plays with favourite ring toy Alfred checks out the toys in the bucket of toys Alfred plays with octupus
Puppy # 3,
L/W male,
Arthur sleeps, adorable Arthur checks out the smells, a tracker in the making? Arthur poses in the  backyard
Puppy #4,
B/W male,
Albert with the favourite ring toy Albert checks out the dog bed, Alfred sleeps behind him. Albert looks like he asks "let me out".

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