Pedigree for Canvas/Minnie Puppies

                                Hillcrest Just Because CD. JH.
                        Ch. Hillcrest Namtn Ko Cr Colours CDX. TD. NA. MH.
                                Calvdale Capriati
                Ch. Hillcrest Just Hale 'N Hardy VCD1. OA. SH. WDX
                                Hillcrest Happy New Year
                        Hillcrest Woodale Uh Huh
                                Hillcrest Why Sure WD.
        Ch. Hillcrest Namtn Kocrk Canvas AX. AXJ. TD. RN.
                                Ch. Gentry's Remington Steele
                        Hillcrest Just Because CD. JH.
                                Hillcrest Why Not CD.
                Langdon's Hillcrest Daisy
                                SH. CH. Skilleigh Tan Sandy
                        Calvdale Capriati
                                Calvdale Chiming
Canvas X Minnie
                                Ch. Telltale Author
                        Ch. Eldamar Telltale Shadow
                                Ch. Neogahbow's Indian Summer
                Ch. Donahan's Morse Code CD.
                                Ch. Telltale Royal Stuart
                        Ch. Donahan's Best Seller
                                A/CCh. Donahan's Agatha Christie
        CCh. Bondir's Eminent Encore A/C CD. AGN. AGNJ. NAJ. TT.
                                A/CCh. Donahan's Mark Twain CD.
                        A/CCh. Devonshire's Music Man CCDX.
                                Donahan's Libretto
                CCh. Bondir's et Tessera Deliberer A/C CD. NA. NAJ. SHD. AGI. NAC. NJC. TT.
                                CCh. Tasmara's Moving Target
                        CCh. Tessera's Fun and Fancy Free CDX. C. SHDCH. AGN.
                                CCh. Tasmara's Halo Dolly

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