Oliver's Pictures

Below are some of our favourite pictures of Oliver, Bondir's Hardiess Connexion, from birth to the present.  Check back for updates as Oliver grows.

Please click on one of the pictures to open it in a larger size in a new window.

Oliver @ 5 days

Oliver poses
(on right)

Oliver (back)
with Gigi

Stacked @ 8 weeks

Oliver5days.JPG (26947 bytes)

OliverPoses.JPG (18964 bytes)

Pair.JPG (14330 bytes)

OliverStack.JPG (20922 bytes)

Oliver gives Caitlin a kiss
(Baxter's owner)

Oliver Christmas 2003

Halloween 2004

CaitandOliverkiss.JPG (14554 bytes)

Oliver2003.JPG (17766 bytes)

Cowboy04.JPG (41321 bytes)

Oliver (far left back) with his Mom (centre),
sister Gigi (right) and Dad (Baxter, front)

Oliver & Gigi as puppies

Oliver poses in his bed
Summer 2004

CallyFamily.JPG (35633 bytes)

OliverGigi2.JPG (22365 bytes)

Oliverinbed.JPG (20314 bytes)

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