Libby's Tribute

Ch Bondir's et Tessera Deliberer A/C CD, AGI, SHD, NA, NAJ, NAC, NJC, TT

April 25-1994 - May 27, 2008

(A/C Ch Devonshire's Music Man CDX ex Ch Tessera's Fun and Fancy Free CDX, SHDCH, AGN)


We said goodbye to our "Libby" in May of 2008. She had been fighting kidney failure & Cushings since the start of the year & she let us know that it was time to go. We were so glad that she made it to her 14th birthday in April & she thoroughly enjoyed her favourite meal - roast beef.

Libby was our third female English Springer Spaniel & we were hoping that "the third time would be the charm". And it was. She ended up being our foundation bitch. We only bred her twice but all the dogs that we have now are related to her. Libby was bred by Doug & Dodie Hall & was the niece of our second ESS "Bonny" Ch Tessera's Baie d'Or Bondir A/C TD, CD whom we lost to lymphosarcoma at 3 years of age.

Libby was our "perfect" puppy - we called her our angel. We did have a scare to any potential show / performance career when she was 4 months old - while out running with friends she fell head over heels into a gopher hole & broke her elbow. Luckily she fully recovered. Libby had 2 litters of 7 - all are wonderful family companions, some have gone on to be Group winners, Specialty winners, High in Trial dogs & Agility class winners. We showed 7 of her progeny - all finished their Canadian championships & two are also American Champions. For her first litter whelped in June 1997 we bred to Am Ch Donahan's Morse Code CD & Libby is the proud mom from this litter to A/C Ch Bondir's Braveheart; Ch Bondir's Eminent Encore A/C CD, AGN, AGNJ, NAJ & Ch Bondir's Flying Duchess A/C CD, NA. For her second litter born December 2000 we bred to Am CH Hillcrest Namtn Kocr Colours VCD3 RA MH OAP OJP & from this litter Libby is the proud mom to Ch Bondir's Indigo Inc; A/C Ch Bondir's Fasciner Ambre PCD; Ch Bondir's A to Z Lexicographer PCD & Ch Bondir's d'Or Aime de Tous. Libby herself also had a successful show & working career. She was occasionally specialed, expertly shown by Shannon Scheer CPHA, and in 1999 she was the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada's Best of Opposite Sex Springer of the Year. Libby achieved her CD in Canada at 13 months of age with High in Classes & attained her agility titles with multiple High in classes & class placements.

It's really hard to describe Libby - she was an individual with personality galore. She also had very distinctive markings - she was black & white with a show side black front "stocking" & a white back leg. As one friend said - "she looks like a mixed-up jigsaw puzzle". She was beautiful, sweet, smart, confident, & as one of our friends described her "comfortable in her own skin". She also had a wonderful sense of humour & she loved to be noticed - sometimes in the agility or obedience ring & not in the way you necessarily wanted. She loved to pose & would, if the spirit moved her, just decide to stop in the middle of the teeter-totter & look around - she seemed to be saying "Are you seeing me, are you getting my best side?" To Anne, her agility handler, it sometimes seemed like she would stand there forever before agreeing to go on. But, whatever she was doing, she had fun! Libby was also the benevolent leader of the pack here & taught all of the puppies in the household how to play & pounce. When her best friend and housemate "Cally" (Ch Cascadian Caliner de Bondir A/C CD, AGI, AGNJS, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP) had her only litter of puppies just weeks after Libby's second litter was born it was Libby that would jump into the whelping box & play with the puppies. Cally (a "princess") seemed to say, "oh good, that's one less job for me to do". Libby continued this tradition with her daughter & granddaughters' litters.

We hope that Libby is now reunited & playing with her best friend Cally. We will miss her dearly, but are so glad that we have her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to continue on with. Play on Libby. Till me meet again. Loved & missed forever.

Love Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay

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