PRIMARY MEMBER: ____________________________________________________________________

Additional Members: ____________________________________________________________________


HOME ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________

City ___________________ Prov._____________________ Postal Code________________________

PHONE NUMBER: (_______)__________________(home)

(______)_________________(office) - Optional

Fax Number: (_______)____________________________________________________

E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________

URL: (if applicable) ________________________________________________________

KENNEL NAME (if applicable): _______________________________________________

Kennel Tattoo Combination: _________________________________________________

Canadian Kennel Club Membership Number ( if applicable) __________________________

Person(s) with C.K.C. number: ________________________________________________

I / We do hereby apply for an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP in WRESSAA:

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are those persons who are applying for membership in WRESSAA for the first time, those who are out-of-province (Non-Resident members) and/or between the ages of 8 and 17 years inclusive (Junior Members).  ASSOCIATE member applications will be presented to the general membership before being presented to the Executive for final acceptance. The prescribed ASSOCIATE membership fee must accompany this application form. An ASSOCIATE MEMBER may not vote at any general meetings, stand for election as an officer nor vote in any elections.

I We do hereby agree to:

  1. Pay the membership fee as prescribed in the Standing Orders of WRESSAA:
    Associate Family Membership $20.00
    Each additional Family member plus $10.00 each
  2. Abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of WRESSAA and generally uphold the dignity of WRESSAA before personal advantage. I / We shall not use unfair means to gain advancement or to injure the chance of another member. I / We shall at all times conduct myself / ourselves as as not to bring discredit to, or dishonour upon, WRESSAA.
  3. Commit to complete a pet profile with photo and basic information required.

Have you ever been convicted on a charge of cruelty to animals?

YES______________ NO___________

Do you own I co-own an ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL?

YES______________ NO___________

Contact / sponsoring WRESSAA member:_______________________________________


Where did you hear about WRESSAA: _________________________________________


In applying for an initial Associate Membership, I/We understand and agree that in voluntarily submitting this application, that the general membership and Executive of WRESSAA is under no obligation to approve it.

APPLICATION and CHEQUE are VOID without signature(s):

PRIMARY MEMBER: _________________________________________________________

Additional Members: _________________________________________________________



DATE _______________________

Please return application form, with membership fee cheque payable to Wild Rose English Spaniel Springer Association of Alberta ( or WRESSAA) to

P.O. Box 72101, GLPO
1600 - 90th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB Canada T2V 5H9



Membership approved: YES_________ NO___________

Date _____________ Name/Position _____________________


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