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Canine Magazines: (in alphabetical order) - Back to Dog Sites

Canadian Dog Digest  
Canine Review Magazine
Dog and Kennel Magazine  
Dogs in Canada  
Dog Fancy On-Line  
Dog Owner's Guide  
Dog News Online
Dog Sport Magazine Online   
Dog World Magazine  
Good Dog Magazine - "Free Resources For Dog Lovers!" 
The Pet Post 
Whole Dog Journal Online

General Sites: - Back to Dog Sites

PALS (Pet Access League Society)
How to Love Your Dog: A Kid's Guide to Dog Care - excellent site for all ages! 
Dogs - Welcome from the Mining Company
The Dogpatch Doghouse
Canadian Show Dogs "A Comprehensive Guide to Purebred Dogs in Canada". Site of the Canadian Show Dogs e-mail list.
Canadian Show Dogs Foundation (2003) - "raises funds to provide financial contributions to individual and/or organizations who share our objectives in supporting the needs of the purebred dog community in Canada."

Health  Sites: (in alphabetical order) - Back to Dog Sites

AKC Canine Health Foundation - includes white papers & articles on research 
Canadian Show Dogs Health Resources - links to breed related & general health sites 
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction - abstract of article edited by Daniel Mills and Gary Landsberg. 
Canine Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat) Research Program  
Bloat Notes  
More Bloat Information - Abstract of "Dietary Risk Factors for Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (Bloat) in 11 Large and Giant Dog Breeds: A Nested Case-Control Study"
Canine Epilepsy Network  
CERF Home Page  
Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
GDC (Institue for Genetic Disease Control) - Open registries for Eye & Tumor registries. 
Great Dane and Canine Health Links - alphabetical list of links to health sites 
Kidney Disease in Dogs - links to articles on kidney disease & kidney failure in dogs
K9 Source List - Links to many health related sites, includes info on upcoming CERF clinics by Dr. Graham Lewis, DVM, Dip ACVO.
Morris Animal Foundation - "Morris Animal Foundation is the funding source for animal health studies that are conducted at veterinary institutions throughout the world."
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Home Page (OFA)
Pet Columns:  Dog Articles - articles from Continuing Education - Public Service Extension, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Pyometra - article from The Pet Health Care Library by Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, DipABVP 
Pyometra - article by Dr. Daniel A. Degner, Board-certified Veterinary Surgeon (DACVS) 
Pyometra in the Bitch - article by Dr. Janice Selinger DVM 
Pyometra A Uterus Infection in the Dog  
Veterinary Oncology  
OconoLink: Lymphosarcoma in Dogs  
Chemotherapy in Veterinary Medicine  
Veterinary Ophthalmology Information Centre  
VetGen's Canine Research
WorkingDogWeb -- Health, Nutrition & Breeding -- links to articles on health & breeding 

Safety Sites:(in alphabetical order) - Back to Dog Sites

Dog Owner's Guide to California Foxtails
Flying With Spaniels - advice for airline travel for your dog
Poison Information:
Plants Toxic to Animals - pictorial database 
Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System - includes interactive database
Guide to Poisonous Plants - searchable database with information that includes pictures, animals affected & symptoms of poisoning (new address)
AVMA Pet Poison Guide - site by the American Veterinary Medical Association includes plants & household products 
The National Animal Poison Control Center, A Division of the ASPCA - an animal oriented poison control center that offers 24 hour emergency information

Breeding Advice & Information:  (in alphabetical order) Back to Dog Sites

Breeding Your Dog
Breeding Dogs (includes information about natural breedings & AI)
Breeding Strategies - Breeding Strategies for the Management of Genetic Disorders by Jerold S Bell, DVM
Breeding Welsh Springer Spaniels (applicable to most Spaniels, by Valerie Young, Glenevan)
Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers - "To create a bridge of knowledge and cooperation between the public and breeders, breeders and their peers, legislators and dog owners at large." 
Canine Reproduction Seminar -- transcript of seminar with Dr. Robert Van Hutchison held January 8, 2002 
Canine Reproduction Series - 5 part series of articles on Canine Reproduction 
Dog Play: Thoughts on Responsible Breeding
Guidelines for Responsible Breeders of English Springer Spaniels (from ESSFTA Site) 
Probing Questions, Personal Answers (article by Karen Foster on ESSFTA Site)
Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination  
The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity and Genetic Disease Control - article by Jerold S. Bell D.V.M. 
Use of Hormone & Progesterone Assay Kits in Canine Breeding Management
Veterinary Perinatal Specialties Inc. -- Home of the WhelpWise™ Service 
Whelping and Breeding Dogs
You Need to Know!

Kennel Clubs: - Back to Dog Sites

National Clubs:
The Canadian Kennel Club
"Making the Right Choice", Three Steps to Purchasing Your Purebred Puppy  
Deciding to Get a Dog  
Finding a Reputable Breeder  
The American Kennel Club
The Kennel Club
United Kennel Club, Inc.
Local/Regional Clubs:
Alberta Kennel Club
The Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club (CKOC) 
Caledon Kennel Association
The Edmonton Kennel Club
Manitoba Canine Association  
Moose Jaw Canine Club 
Northern Alberta Canine Association (NACA)
Northwinds Kennel Club Inc.   
Red Deer & District Kennel Club  
Regina Kennel & Obedience Club  
Saamis Kennel & Obedience Club (Medicine Hat)
Saskatoon Kennel Obedience Club
Sudbury and District Kennel Club  
The Westminster Kennel Club

Activity Sites: - Back to Dog Sites

Agility Pages: (in alphabetical order)
Agility Association of Canada
AgilityNet - "news & views from the birthplace of agility" 
American Kennel Club Agility Regulations  
Calgary Canine Centre  -- "Training and Care Facility" 
Clean Run Productions
Flashing Canines Agility Club
NADAC Home Page
Paw-Z-Tracks Dog Training and Equipment
R2Agility -- Trial Secretary Services
Springers in Agility - article by Nancy Johnston from the ESSFTA site 
The Dog Agility Page
United States Dog Agility Association, Inc.
Conformation Pages:
Primarily Canadian Based Sites: (in alphabetical order)
Canadian Dog Shows  - list & links divided by regions to information on Canadian based Shows
Canine Show Services 2000 Inc - Canadian Dog Show Service that includes entry service & results
Canuck Dogs -  "Your source for Canadian canine event information online." 
Classic Show Services - CKC Conformation & Obedience Show Secretary 
Colmar Show Service - Premium lists & judging schedules 
Diana Edwards Show Services - Dog Show Entry Service - Show Secretarial service 
G.o.T.o. Our Event Entry Service
MJN Show Services - professional Show Secretary/Superintendent Services for Canadian Kennel Club events
R & S Pro Services -  Calgary based Show Secretary Services 
Showdogs - links to Dog Show Information & Entry Services in both Canada & the U.S.
Western Dog Shows Ltd. - CKC Professional Show Secretary 
Primarily US. Based Sites:  (in alphabetical order)
All About Dog Shows and Dog Shows  
American Kennel Club Conformation Index  
Rules applying to Dog Shows  
BaRay Event Services  
Bob Peters Dog Shows Online  
Garvin Show Services
Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C.
Jim Rau Dog Shows Online Office
Judy Wilson, Show Secretary  
Kevin Rogers Dog Shows  
McNulty Dog Shows
Roy Jones Dog Shows Ltd.
The Actual Dog Show  
Learning the Lingo  
Obedience Pages:
AKC Obedience Page  
AKC Obedience Rules  
AKC Rules  
The Dog Obedience and Training Page
How to Love Your Dog -- Basic Training  
American Dog Trainers Network
Dr. P.'s Dog Obedience
Dog Training Basics - Articles by Pam Young, LVT on many aspects of dog training. 
Tale Waggers - Days of Defiance - Article with tips on dealing with dog adolescence. 
Tracking Pages:
AKC Tracking Page  
AKC Tracking Rules  
Southwest Tracking Association  
Moraine Tracking Club
Scent Hurdling Pages:
Canadian Scent Hurdle Racing Association (no longer available)
Think 'n do Scent Hurdle

Miscellaneous Sites: - Back to Dog Sites

American Dog Owners Association, Inc.  
Dog Books:
Dog Wise (formerly Direct Book Service's Dog and Cat Book Catalog) 
Dog Lovers Bookshop
Two Dog Press - "Books, Gifts, Recipes, and Resources for Dog Lovers"
Dog Food:
Iams Company
Old Mother Hubbard Dog Food Company
Three Dog Bakery
Dog Food Comparison Charts  
Dog Naming:
2000 Dog Names: Naming Your Puppy
Dog Treats:
Dog Food & Treat Recipes  
My Favourite Recipes
Favorite Dog Treat Recipes
Fuzzy Faces Recipes for Dog Treats  
Skittle's Recipes
Dog Treat Recipes from Two Dog Press  
Dog Treat Recipes - from 
The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Dog Genome Project - "working to develop resources necessary to map and clone canine genes" 
Harold Reynold's Pet Humour  
Nancee's Pet Astrology
Pet Loss Grief Support Page & Candle Ceremony (
The Dog Hause
Waltham World of Pet Care -- Select-a-Dog
Arbor Bed and Breakfast  
My - The Boxer Dog - A large, fun-loving, devoted breed to have as a pet

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