Cally Tribute

Sadly, Cally passed away December 22, 2007 after a very short battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour just 2 weeks before that. Cally had been aging so gracefully and enjoying life to the fullest, so this has come as a very devastating shock. Fortunately she went quickly and peacefully, but it is hard to imagine life without her. We will miss her dearly and are very thankful for her legacy of 2 beautiful children and 10 wonderful grandkids.

Cally was officially known as BISS Ch Cascadian Caliner de Bondir A/C CD, AGI, AGNJS, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, ADC, NAC, NJC, TT (Am Ch Donahan’s Documentary CDX ex Am Ch Cascadian’s Crystal Conexion CD, JH), but to us she was just Cally. She was whelped May 6, 1994, bred by Carol Jansen & David Steinke of Oregon & owned by Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay of Calgary Alberta.

It’s weird how things turn out. We attended our first US National in 1992 in Olympia Washington & were very impressed by a number of ESS we saw there. Two that stood out in our minds were Am Ch Donahan’s Documentary CDX (Doc) & Am Ch Cascadian’s Crystal Conexion CD, JH, WD (Crystal). We saw “Crystal” when we attended our first working dog test – where she obtained her WD. At the time, we had 2 ESS girls – our first Baie d”Or Amandine (Mandy) born in 1979 & our second Ch Tessera’s Baie d’Or Bondir A/C TD, CD (Bonny), born in 1991. Bonny successfully obtained her TD at this show & we had the pleasure of meeting a number of great people. Two years later when Bonny became sick with lymphosarcoma, a friend (Elaine Resner) that we first met in Olympia asked if there was anything she could do to help. Lynn answered back through tears and half in jest, “Yes, you could help us find a beautiful black & white bitch!” Later Elaine called to say that she knew of a breeding that was about to take place & we may be able to get a black & white bitch from the litter – unbelievably, the litter was being sired by Doc out of Crystal (a dominant black girl). We immediately proceeded to see if this was possible. Carol Jansen graciously allowed us pick bitch from the litter. When the litter was born there was only one girl, but Carol still allowed us to get “Cally”. Lynn had had the pleasure of seeing Cally first when she was 2 weeks old – she went to the Willamette Specialty to help a friend & to see the litter when there. Unfortunately, that also happened to be the weekend that Bonny succumbed to her disease & so Lynn wasn’t here – seeing Cally definitely helped with her grief.

When Cally was 8 weeks old we drove down to Oregon to pick her up & we will always remember her coming out of Carol’s house & strutting out to us on the driveway. She took our breath away. (Even on the Wednesday before she died she could still strut towards you like that.) We hadn’t had any pictures of her since she was 2 weeks old & we joked that Carol hadn’t sent any because she probably no longer had a blaze -- at 2 weeks she had had a narrow blaze (she did not have a collar). We were right -- she no longer had a blaze. Carol was worried that we might not want her because of this – she had a good “pet” home lined up if we backed out. We of course could have cared less about the blaze – that was just Cally.

Cally did have a very successful show career – multiple BOS at Specialties (including at age 13+ in 2007), BISS at the 2004 WRESSAA Specialty in conjunction with the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada National (at 10+ years of age); Award of Merit winner ESSCC National 2000; multiple Best in Veteran Sweepstakes & a Group placing / Best of Breed winner, even at the age of 12. Cally was also the recipient of the BOS Springer of the Year Award from the English Springer Spaniel Club of Canada for 1997. For her limited Specials career in Canada she was beautifully shown by Shannon Scheer, CPHA. More judges than not were able to find her “silhouette of an ESS” & see past her markings. Cally loved to show & she was also lucky enough to attend ESSFTA Nationals in 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 & 2007. She had so much fun!

But, Cally was much more than a show dog – first & foremost she was a great pet. Cally was our “Woo, woo” dog – she loved to talk & greeted you at the door with a toy in her mouth & a song. She was a talker – her first response to almost anything was to talk – whether it was to bark a greeting, cry for her supper (she was a great watch) or bark in play. I think that we will almost miss her greeting most of all. But, Cally also had successful careers competing in agility & obedience. Although she obtained her CD in both Canada & the US it was not her favourite dog sport (she did however win the ESSCC Novice Obedience Award in 1999). Cally loved agility & obtained many of her titles with first class placements (in the competitive 20” class). She obtained her last agility title in 2006 at the age of 12 at the ESSFTA Nationals in California.

Luckily for us we do have a legacy from Cally to carry on with. After a first unsuccessful breeding in 1999 that ended with a bout with pyometra & a second breeding that didn’t take she finally presented us in 2001 with 2 beautiful black & white puppies – “Oliver” Bondir’s Hardiess Connexion & “Gigi” Ch Bondir’s Gamine Georgine; both sired by A/C Ch Bondir's Braveheart.  In 2006, Gigi presented us with 10 wonderful offspring – 2 of which we are lucky to have live with us & whom Cally loved – “Liesl” Bondir’s Jardin Lis & “Rosalie” Bondir’s Rose de la Kermesse. In her eyes as “grandma”, these puppies could do no wrong. We hope that they, in some small way, can help carry on her tradition of loving life, living it to the fullest & aging gracefully. Cally to us was always like a beauty queen & we jokingly referred to her as “Miss America”.

Rest well & good-bye Cally. Till we see you again, you will always be in our hearts & dreams.

Lynn, Anne & Barb Dorsay


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